About usability and my mission


Here you can get help with usability on your web site!

My dedication is to help people that struggle to understand how systems or websites work. This is what my intentions are with this site.
It’s also meant to support you with tips how to keep a high usability on your site or blog.

I know that a common problem today is that people in a lot of companies spend much of their time struggling with technical problems. In the end it costs a lot of money, and no one get payed for the time spent.

I have learned that a part of the problem is that it’s easier to focus on function than usability. Why? I’m not sure, but I guess it sounds complicated to make requirements based on users needs instead of functions, and there is always a consideration about how much time it takes.

Every system- or web-development project should start with looking at activities that are going to be supported for the user. The users daily work tasks. The focus should be on how the new site/system are supposed to help users to perform their tasks.

About me and my experience

usabilityOn this site I will give you my best advices and methods for keeping a good
usability on your site or system. I be happy to hear you opinions and would love if you shared some of your experiences.

My name is Linda and I work in a IT business as a Project Manager but I have worked with task analysis for creating training for people that works in nuclear plants. I also am on my second year in academic studies in Digital design, design thinking and designing for userexperiences. I always worked with a combination of humans and technology so I love to share some of my experience with you.

I keep my site hosted at a page called Wealthy Affiliate, they provides training about blogging, affiliate programs and how to create great content and much more. Great content that gives value to readers is also important for the usability on a site.

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    1. Hi! I hope you will find some helpful tips on my site. Usability is important for the overall UX on a site and I will write about both subjects. Have you seen my earlier posts about usability testing, I think it’s an important step to great UX.Thank you for your comment!

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