How to design User Experience?


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We all experience things differently

Many people talk about design User Experience today. Have you thought about what an experience is? And that we have different experiences because we are all unique? If you hold that thought and think about the meaning of User Experience design -is it even possible to design an experience?

Here are my thoughts about User Experience, this is not an exact definition, just my way to explain and my very personal reflections and guidelines towards better User Experience.

Think of the scenario that you go for a walk, it’s springtime. You hear the birds singing with joy. The gras looks so green and new. The sun warms your skin and the breeze is tender. This is one experience many of us can relate to. We might not feel the exact same way but most of us think about this scenario in a positive way.

design User Experience?

The big thing today is to experience things

Today people have turned from owning things to experience things. It’s not enough just having great experiences on your trip to Thailand, but you want experiences more often than that. An example is how we act towards music: today it’s few people that buy records (if it’s not for the experience connected to collecting old LP’s). You don’t need to own records, people like to experience the music, on a phone or a concert etc.

Is it possible to design User Experience?

There lies a challenge when we are going to design User Experience, of course, you can’t just copy and paste. It’s not about technology, UI or Graphic design, even if these things are important and are needed for the experience, it’s about creating a meaningful experience through a technological device.

According to Marc Hassenzal (2010): “an experience is a story emerging from the dialogue of a person with her or his world through action”.

We need to experience the design before the product, to learn how it feels to act on a product, to use it or interact with it. 

To design a great User Experience you need to be able to imagine what the user wasn’t to feel and experience while using the system or site that you have designed…

To imagine that you need to know the user and his or hers needs. You have to create scenarios where you tell the users story while using the system or site:

  • Why is people visiting your site (purpose, meaning)?
  • What tasks does the user need to performed?
  • How can your system/site help the user do this?

Create your scenario like a story, where the user interact with the system or site. This is a huge and solid ground for your design process. 

Here is an example of a simple scenario:

Lisa gets home from work and has a seat in the kitchen. She feels tired and a bit sad after en argue with here boss. She is feeling lonely. Suddenly, a sound from her phone. 

A message gets visible on the screen: Hi, How are you? Do you wish to go out for a while? Love from Sue 

Lisa smiles, her friend is always there for her, how fantastic, isn’t that? The evening looks to be a lot better.

In this scenario, the phone plays a part and the technology to. The phone fills a need for social relationships and friendship in this case. You can also see that we actually design the product and the possibility to connect in this case, the experience is personal and happens in different ways. But we need to create stories to understand  and imagine the users situations. In this case, the phone could have showed a lot of different messages to different people. All should have created unique experiences.

How to find the scenarios?

You can base a scenario on user surveys or by observing the user situation. For a large site that sells clothes, it’s not possible to observe all the actual users. Then surveys are an excellent way to find out what some possible users expect from a site like that. Why do they visit? To get inspired or, for shopping?


To sum up, people today have more or less moved from owning to experience things. To design a product or website or mobile app, we need to put the experience first. All functions, buttons and graphic design is ways to prepare the product to let the users have numerous experiences. In designing a User Experience lies a challenge, but it is doable if we have the stories in mind, the user scenarios and if we try to understand our users.

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12 Replies to “How to design User Experience?”

  1. Wow, really thought-provoking article, Kerlund. What made me so fascinated was how beautiful your user experience is on your site. Images perfectly chosen and positioned, type easy to read. I loved your use of headlines and italics. I loved your use of buttons at the end of the article. Oh, my goodness – you really walk your talk. You’ve got me thinking I need to re-design my sites.

    1. Hi! Thank you very much, glad to hear your feedback:-) I think User Experience is a word that is where much used in many situations today, and I like to share my view of what it actually is. It’s not very easy to understand and I wish to help:)
      I can have a look at your site if you want and give some feedback. Please send me a link to your site in a new comment!

  2. This was a very interesting read offering new perspectives on the user experience. And you are spot on, these days more and more people are swapping possessions for experiences and adventures, which I think is where our emphasis in life should be, not just owning and collecting stuff.

    I really enjoyed reading your article and the insights you offer.

    1. Thank you Darren for reading and for your comment. I’m glad to here you find my post enjoyable! I think User Experience have become a “buzword” and that few people try to explain what it is or how we can design for it, I think User Experience is to important to be “just words”.

  3. Great article and great I idea. I agree that more people are realizing that life is too short a d you need to seize the moment and experience everything you can while you are able. I have a family member who had a sudden health issue and there advise to me was to go and do what ever you want. Just go experience life.

    1. Thank you for your comment! That is why we also should expect great experiences when we use our computers or phones, like we do a lot of our time:-)

  4. Hey there. My mantra/motto for the last several months has been “life’s too short” and “you only get one spin around this rock.” I find that, especially in today’s culture and with today’s generation, we want to feel like whatever it is we are doing or are experiencing matters. Time is a precious commodity and we don’t want it to be wasted on something visually or audibly unappealing.

    Great article!

    1. So true, time is very precious, and we have, for many years, acted like that’s something we need to consider when developing systems or sites. Users time is also precious, great comment:-)

  5. Very interesting topic on how we can create a scenario, imagine what our customer would go through in order to create an amazing user experience. It’s not a bad idea, it’s actually quite good.

    This would definitely be applicable for start up businesses that need to know how they can create the best user experience for their customers. Well. Anyways thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes this can be applied on all products and business to create a great experience for customers. I think you have some great points in your comment, thank you!

  6. Excellent article covering how people have changed with new technology and enjoying new experiences in life. Being able to share from anywhere in the world, no matter the language we overcome boundaries with an experience. Very nice insight Kerlund.

    1. Hi and thank you for your comment Joan. So true we live in a different and larger world today which gives us new experiences:-)

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