How to find and meet your users needs


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How to find out what your users need?

To create a good user experience on your site you need to understand your users, who they are and what they need you to help them with. What are their challenges that lead them to your site? What are their expectations? These factors depend, of course, on the services or products that your site is offering. This is about understanding your target audience.

If your users are going to be satisfied also depends on other things like usability, content and the overall user experience etc.

Meet your users and find out what their challenges are

The best thing to do when you do want to find out users need in this case is to make a small workshop with some mums you know and work with this together. Other things you can do is to make a secondary research. That means searching among existing information in blogs, articles, books and so on. Gather as much information as you need to find what are the main challenges for your target audience. You can also use available tools for analysis of trend and so on. But I believe that, to create a great user experience, it is important to talk to, at least a few of your users to be. It will make it easier for you to see what “they don’t say” and to get an deeper understanding for their needs.

This is especially important if your target audience is narrow and you are designing a system or an app or similar. But I think that it also is important for your site to be authentic and genuin. It will show that you really know your users (readers) and their needs.

users needs

An example on how to find and meet users needs

If you write about Weight loss for mums, start with writing down which challenges they are facing to lose weight. Best alternative is to actually ask some mums and maybe use your own experiences in this niche. There is especially one thing you need to know, and that is what challenges these mums are confronting.

Start making a list the challenges, for example:

  • There is not any time for exercise.
  • Many of the nutritious foods are expensive.
  • It’s nice to reward myself with some sweets when my kids are sleeping.

Now you need to work your way through all challenges you have identified and answer them with solutions:

  • Make a schedule and make time for exercise. Or take some help from neighbours, support each other babysitting.
  • Lists of affordable nutritious food and also inspiring recipes.
  • Facts about sweets and alternative things to eat. And about the negative things that happen with the body when eating too much sugar. How to feel rewarded without eating sweets.

The solutions above are things that your readers (users) expect to find or need to find to get help with their personal challenges, in this case loosing wait after having a child. If they enter a site with individual diets and not a word about mums with babies they might leave. It’s important to find your users challenges and help them to address them. Then you will have a growing audience and chances are your visitors get a good user experience if they get satisfied with the content and also feel they get inspired and find the support they are looking for.

Usability testing to check the user experience on your site

To create a great experience for your users, you need to do tests to see how your site work for them. But before you can test you must have a site, a you need a design and some content on the site. And you need to know what people that visit your site is looking for.

Start creating content

Now that you got some knowledge about your users (readers) needs you can start to create content.

Use some of the questions you identified as challenges on your home page, like: “Are you a mum that just had a child and you do not have time to exercise?

Your site will get attention if the problem is familiar to the people that visit.

Before launching your site, you can test both content and usability on people that have the challenges you identified during your workshop or research. This way you will get feedback for improvements and you will also find out if you manage to reach your target audience. You can speak for your users in a way that will be genuin and that is worth a lot. It means that you take time to understand how you can help them:-)

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12 Replies to “How to find and meet your users needs”

  1. Very good information, when it comes to finding what users really are looking for is not always easy, and you gave here some very good tips.
    Do you know google trends? Is a very useful tool too.
    Thanks, great post

    1. Hi and thanks a lot! I know there are tools to find what is trending in different areas and that you are able to find great substance to develop your content from. That is a part of the secondary research to, you search for user needs in second hand sources, which is great and a good complement. But to really understand your users and what they need I think you hav to talk to at least some of them. And the same goes for usability testing, you need users to test and to find out what is missing or how the overall user experience is. Thank you for your answer and great inout to my post!

  2. Good post. The most important thing about a site is content, but only if that content relates to your readers, otherwise you are just wasting your time. You broke it down nicely on how to write content that is relevant to your readers. And you are right, your site will get attention if your problem is familiar to the people that visit, that is a good point to keep in mind!

  3. Great information! I like how you have detailed it so well in a step by step process. I think I have missed a few steps and need to remember to do “usability” testing so to speak with family and friends. Thank you so much. i have learned and was reminded of what we all should be doing and that is step one which most forget…a business plan. Great website as well.

    1. Hi and thank you:) This is important to take into account for all systemdevelopment, in webdesign and also when you are having a site for online business. I hope it gives hints about how to do. It’s easy to start with the content first or the layout, colors and adds. When you should start with your users, readers, customers.

  4. This is great information for someone like myself starting a website and building a brand. Without a doubt the user experience is important. Why spend the time creating quality content to drive people to a poorly built site. And on that note, the content needs to be quality so when people do land on your site they find what they want and benefit from it.

  5. I have always been skeptical about having my own site since it takes a really lot of effort to get it started. I always wanted to have an online business but the fact that making a website and actually having it to work takes a lot of time. How long did it take you to build you own site and is it too difficult?

    1. Hi! Building the site is not taking to long if you use templates and so on in WordPress. But consider focus on simplicity and on creating content of good quality. When you have chosen your niche, try to find out what your users are looking for, use analysis tools, trend tools and if you can: real people interested in your niche. Having a business takes time, having a good business that brings value takes even more time: online or offline, there is not so much difference. You need to decide if you wish to commit and deliver value or if you just wish to have a site for fun or hobbie. Good luck!

  6. Hi Linda,

    Your information here is very informative, I can really see the importance of talking to your target audience and really finding out what their needs are. Your information is well organized and easy to follow giving me a great sense of what I need to do to increase usability with my site. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, glad to hear that:-) I think this is really important and something people miss when creating a website and content. To begin with people and what they need:-) Have a great weekend!

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