Mind Mapping -generate ideas and develop concepts


Structuring information with mind mapping

In the beginning of the design project, you are working hard to understand the problem to solve, the user needs and to organize all information that is a result of your efforts. Mind mapping is a great way to support creative thinking and help you evolve your ideas in several phases of the design process.

I prefer to create a mind map to find relationships between information and also to get a quick overview of the scoop. I also use it to explore and expand ideas, new ideas evolve while I create the mind map. It’s a great way to take notes during a task analysis and it’s also useful for my own thinking when I start to work on an idea. I make mind maps on a paper because I think it’s the quickest way. But there is a lot of tools to create digital mind maps if you prefer that.

The picture above is a very simple mindmap. It makes out a start in a project where we where supposed to look at Potter Heads and their needs/interests to be able to design an application where they have the possibility to carry out their interest for the stories about Harry potter.

If you like to use a digital tool, the once below all free alternativs that works fine to start with:

  • WiseMapping -you can try it without sign in
  • Coggle -most features free but also with a pricing plan from 5$/month
  • Stormboard – collaboration for free up to five users, then a pricing plan from 5$/month

How to organize a mind map?

Begin with you target group (users) or the idea you have and make branches for related information, try to chunk subject together that belong to each other so you get a logic structure that is easy to understand next time you see it.  Look at my picture about social media. It’s very simplified and much information/functions is missing, but I just want to visualise the idea for you.

Mind Mapping -generate ideas and develop concepts


Here is a video for inspiration or if you need help to get started:

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6 Replies to “Mind Mapping -generate ideas and develop concepts”

  1. What an insightful post. I must admit, that I have never thought of generating ideas and being creative as mind-mapping but after reading your post, it really makes sense and it is – in my opinion – a very valid way to map your thought and ideas on paper. The tools are a great idea. Thank you for sharing this great idea of mind mapping.

    1. Thank you, glad to hear that you like it. Many methods can be applied for several purposes and it’s all about finding methods that helps you finding what you look for or supporting the task you have.

  2. I’ve heard Mind Mapping is good for group discussion too. One of my professors in Business College taught us about mind mapping in a group. We need to find a solution to a problem. We will all come up with bunch of ideas. And then we pick few best ones. Then we are divided to groups and work on solutions. From each solutions can contain multiple ideas.
    It’s very helpful for improve your creativity.

    1. Yes it’s great for creativity and brainstorming and also to get a bit structure. I like Mind Mapping as method, I use it a lot:-) Finding solution to a problem is what design is about to, so what you write here do make sense. Thanks for visiting and for you comment!

  3. Great info here and really helpful for getting creative juices flowing and ideas rolling. I like the video as well its super helpful in detailing how to start a mindmap. Do you happen to do this before you blog? Thanks

    1. Hi and thank you:-) Yes I have used mind mapping in different situation during my studies and aslo at work when we are workshopping with customers about their needs. I think it’s a great way to structure ideas and generate new once.

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