UX digest, my selection of 10 UX articles 10-16 July


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10 UX articles 10-16 July

My top 10 UX articles 10-16 July

Do you find it’s difficult to find interesting information about User Experience design? I think it is… Not that there is no information, but because there is to much to read on a daily bases.

I read lot of articles, and I have also subscribed to a lot of blogs and websites about UX design. Not sure about you, but I always look for interesting collections and digests of news and blogs but there is so much out there…

Here are a list of my 10 favourites this week, I hope you will enjoy some articles from this list, click on “Read full article…” to find the full original article. If you like this kind of digest, don’t be afraid to tell me in the comments section. Also suggestions for improvement and other feedback is more than welcomed!

1) What Do Mobile Users Expect in an App?

“A few months ago, Barcelona played Paris Saint-Germain in another Champions League classic, and got its head smashed in with a 4-0 defeat. Everyone stood in shock. Barcelona, who regularly humiliates opponents with scores like this one, got hammered – on Valentine’s day, of all days – and people couldn’t handle it.” Read full article…

Next article is interesting and gave me a few things to consider: menus are often placed on top of the page. Maybe not anymore.

2) Why Mobile Menus Belong at the Bottom of the Screen

“The way you use your mobile phone can affect your brain.

research study has found that daily mobile phone users have a larger somatosensory cortex. That’s the region of the brain that controls the thumbs.

Further research has found that most users use their phones with one hand. When they hold their phone, they’ll use either their right or left thumb to interact with the screen. The thumb is like the user’s mouse but with limitations.” Read full article…

Is it possible for UX and advertising coexist? Interesting article on how to look at this issue:

3) Advertising And UX: A Complex Relationship

“One of the inescapable challenges of UX design is catering for the diversity of users. When UX practitioners design platforms, they must consider the needs of several different user types. It is a tough dilemma – with differing goals and expectations. It would be much easier if there was something all users had in common. Some invariable principle, a rule without exception.” Read full article…

Ever heard of UX dark patterns?

4) 5 common UX dark patterns and user-friendly alternatives

“UI design gets dark sometimes. Particularly when companies exploit their user interface to trick users into doing something they wouldn’t consciously do, usually for profit. Sounds improbable? If only! Companies often use so-called ‘dark patterns’ to baffle users.” Read full article…

I have written some articles about user testing here on The Usability Spot and I think it is a very important tool to create great UX. Read this story to get another viewpoint on this subject.

5) 10 Simple Tips to Improve User Testing

“Testing is a fundamental part of the UX designer’s job and a core part of the overall UX design process. It’s a great way to eliminate problems or user difficulties that were unforeseen in the design phase.” Read full article…

Without motivation, we would not get far… But what is motivation and how can we create motivation with design?

6) Two Types of User Motivation: Design to Satisfy.

“No doubt, every designer — as well as any creative person — wishes to make something desired by lots of users, preferably on a regular basis. There is a group of creators who claim that they are interested in the process or the fact of creation and don’t care about the further life of the product, still, it’s incredibly tiny if compared to the number of people who want to see the results of their creative work usable, useful and regularly used.” Read full article…

Here is a description of a design process, an interesting real life example for understanding the process.

7) UI/UX Case Study of Saloon Booking app

“When I hear the word Beauty, only a very few things strikes my mind. One among those is a woman’s beauty.” Read full article…

8) Building Digital Credibility for a Better User Experience

“The design of your website does more than offer a way for people to find you on the web – it builds the credibility of your brand. Your website’s UX creates brand associations to gain traction with your customers.” Read full article…

9) Usability: A part of the User Experience

“This subject may seem incredibly “big” for a single article, but it’s about the specific nature of usability that we often overlook or confuse. With this appreciation, you’ll be able to design more effectively, and your website’s usership will be able to grow, too.” Read full article…

10) Design for offline

“Offline mobile experiences can be frustrating for users. You’re on the train attempting to open an article you were reading earlier that morning but didn’t get the chance to finish. You’ve loaded it once before, and you even have two bars of service. However, it just won’t open. Your phone thinks it is online, but really it is not. You are offline.” Read full article…


​I hope you have found some favourite among these 10 UX articles 10-16 July. Please discuss the content in the comments section below. I will try to answer your questions and give you my thoughts about the ideas in the articles.

My goal is to make one digest every week from now on, to help you find interesting articles in current subjects.

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8 Replies to “UX digest, my selection of 10 UX articles 10-16 July”

  1. It’s handy to have these top UX articles all in one place. Great idea! I like how you’ve given a quick overview of each and made it easy to follow up, with each overview about the same length. It’s easy to read and a valuable resource!

  2. I have bookmarked your site as a great source of ideas for user interface and experience design. Before retiring I supervised UI engineering for Autotrader, other people designed it, we built it. I was always fascinated by the source of their ideas and several of the articles you linked their made this clearer, especially the one regarding can ui and advertising coexist, describing the challenges of designing for several audiences simultaneously. The other article of great personal interest was the one UX dark patterns, very informative. Thanks for the great page, keep it up!

    1. Thank you, glad you like this kind of post and that you found some interesting articles. I hope to help and inspire! I think UX is important to everyone with a website or webapp or whatever technical device you use to get your messages out:)

  3. It is so nice to have such easy access to all of this information. UX is an important topic that people should really be informed about. like it is so important to be aware of how technology like mobile phones are affecting you and why you should put a menu at the bottom of the screen.

  4. I found reading this digest quite fascinating. I thought i’d yawn through it, yet I read it all, because the content has been presented in interesting tidbits that draw you in when you least expect it to. And as I read, although I’ve never come across UX before, by the third digest I’d deciphered that it was User Experience – did I get it right? Brilliant intros to usually boring stories that I’d scroll past had me reading and considering the content within the stories – and I did not yawn once, so well done for an engaging experience.

    1. Thank you very much:-) I’m glad to be able to surprise you! UX is a subject within the technical area but still it’s a lot about humans and it really is fascinating. And important. 

      You seems to had a great experience while reading this which was the purpose, I’m glad you had:)

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