UX versis SEO do they connect?


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SEO versis UX -is there a conflict?

UX versis SEO, today many articles tells about a conflict and that the two don’t fit together. There are  many articles today about tensions and conflicts between them. The reason: search engine optimization is done for algorithms. User Experience are focusing on people and their emotions/experiences. There’s an idea that you have to sacrifice one of them in favour of the other. There is some truth in this, but I think SEO and UX have to cooperate and live side by side. What if your site ranks high and you get a lot of visitors, that leave immediately because of a bad User Experience or that they just don’t get how to use your site?

SEO versis UX

I think UX and SEO are both important to attract and keep users and also for creating a great value for your users.

If visitors can’t find your website -there will be no User Experience. SEO and UX go hand in hand and in many cases they are wonderful complements to each other.

Is it possible that UX can help your rankings and how?

I guess a part of the answer is simple -if users find your site and the User Experience is bad, they will leave.

One aspect is that if you only optimize your site for GOOGLE algorithms your site might “look” like spam, you can miss a lot of users that way. Sitemaps and a clear navigation are examples of Great User Experience that also affect SEO. Further aspects are great and high quality content, GOOGLE ranking are measuring how long a user stays and on what pages. Here it’s possible for you to use analytics to improve your content and also the experience on your site.

SEO and UX both have an important role for users and what they experience. Search Engine Optimization is built on content quality and how the site ranks in searches. User Experience on the other hand is built on if the users really find quality in the user results.

Work with both and the tensions between them

I recommend you that you work with both SEO and UX when you are planning and designing your website.

SEO today is kind of universal and everyone focus on it, more or less. UX are now of growing interest and people begin to understand its potential not only for attracting users but also for getting users to stay and also to come back.

You can read more about how to create great UX and also on The interaction design foundation (great explanation about UX).

I will now bring you back to the beginning of this article. More precise to the ideas that SEO and UX are in collision. As I wrote about here, a lot of aspects in SEO is affected by UX, look at this video to find out more about how to handle the tensions that you might bump into. Because there are tensions between UX and SEO and compromises are necessary in some cases.

Some inspiration and “how to do it” books that will help you on the way:

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12 Replies to “UX versis SEO do they connect?”

  1. Thanks. It’s a great reminder that it’s a balancing act, doing what you need to do to get found online… and serving the people you were meant to serve. I agree, I’ve abandoned many sites, applications and tools simply because they weren’t user friendly. I’m absolutely going to share this!

    1. Thank you, glad to hear that. And unfortunately there will be many sites out there for a long time that people will leave. But ithave started to change and many people see the importance of UX.

  2. Thanks for this article! I’ve only just recently become aware of the importance of UX – I’m pretty new to the IM world. Finding this article is only reaffirming the importance and the importance of balancing SEO and UX. Time to review my site focusing on increasing User Experience. Thank you for the timely reminder 🙂



    1. Hi and thank you for visiting and also for your comment. I’m glad if this post is of any use for you, we all need to think about UX from time to time. It’s easy to forget. And also so important to always have in mind, everything we create or add on our sites are for our users:-)

  3. Great article!

    I think the tension between UX and SEO has come down a lot since Google started penalizing things like keyword stuffing, hidden text, etc. It is getting to be more and more the case that Google will not award a poorly designed website, and may even penalize it, if the only thing going for it are a bunch of keywords and backlinks.

    I believe if you focus on producing great content centered around one or two keywords per page, you will eventually get the rankings. I might just take awhile.

    1. Yes, and that is good. I think that good design and usable design is necessary to keep users coming back. Thanks for your comment!

  4. I enjoyed your topic of UX design. It’s so important and yet easily overlooked. I also think the newsletter is a great way to pump up engagement once you have a large following. The color scheme was very crisp and neutral projecting a tone of calmness. I look forward to checking back on your site from time to time.

    1. Thanks, glad that you liked it! Many people talk about UX but many people also thinks it’s difficult and complicated because it’s about humans, and that is also why it is so important:-)

  5. Great article, it does make sense. I have noticed that some website have pop ups come up and to me that ruins the UX. I do believe that SEO and UX go hand in hand, it makes perfect sense. I have come across some websites that seem to have a webpage design from the 1990’s and personally when I come across them, I X out of them.

    1. Thanks! I heard so many people saying like you for many years now. And I’m glad that this is started to get noticed. Bad UX and bad usability is not something to deal with as a users. And the result is like you say, people leave.

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