Why is UX important for a tech startup?


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Tech startup -why UX is important to consider

A tech startup: you have an idea and the timing is right. You are going to build a new tech product, maybe a new app! If you are about to build a product, you also need people that use your product, right? If your idea is great and the timing is right, you can start building your product, but there are a few things to consider first.

People are going to buy your product, let’s say it’s an app or a system of some kind. Some people are going to buy it if your marketing activities succeeds. But the question is what will happen if the product has a bad usability and User Experience? Will your customers come back for your next product launch? Will they recommend your product to friends? One of the most important parts of success is mouth-mouth principle. This means “what your customers tell others about your products.” You need them to tell good things and to tell about the great experience they had with your product.

User Experience -need to be built into your whole tech startup process

Now you might think: “of course I will  not build a product with bad UX…” But a startup cost both money and time, and UX-design is one of the things that often are cut off to save some money… From my point of view, I have just one thing to say: don’t do that. Where would Apple, Snapchat or Spotify be today without thinking about the experience of using their products?

Some things that you need to consider for your tech startup:

  • Who are your users?
  • What do your users need to do/get help with?
  • How are they going to do that?
  • Also think about the visual design and the usability. Is it easy to understand what to do. Do user test to find out.
  • Iterate, after testing, make changes and test again.

Consult a UX-designer for help. What I mention here are just examples of what to consider, you might need assistance to create the big picture. You have to know your users and what they expect. What are users of your product expected to experience? If you have developers to produce your product -fantastic! But ensure that you start with your users and their needs. Begin with the experience of your product! Then ideate, develop, test, make changes, develop, test and so on until you finally are able to launch:-)

You can also read more about how to design User Experience.

Here is an article about what aspects of User Experience to consider for a tech startup.

Video about UX -design for your startup process:

Another way to see the whole picture:


So why is UX important for your startup? It’s about both the startup process and ideating itself. I mean it’s about the whole picture, what experience are your product going to give your customers?

It’s also about the product itself, the usability, appearance and also if people find a value in using it. Much of this is common sense but I recommend you to test your ideas and get feedback, many times.

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